Why only 40 kg/ha of microgranules in farm crops?

We only use 40 kg/ha of microgranules because the Intertim innovative molecule has a unique formula that meets all plant needs. Nitrogen losses are reduced to a minimum, whether due to ammonia run-off or leaching, as well as Phosphorous and Potassium losses due to fixation or retrogradation phenomena, so obtaining the maximum fertilizing efficiency and the possibility of a substantial reduction in the standard dosage of this elements applied to crops. Classical fertilizers have a usability of up to 30%, and our Innovative fertilizer products have a usability of over 95%.

For how many years can it be used?

Intertim innovative fertilizers have been developed for 10 years before they were launched on the market. They have been used on the same fields for more than 10 consecutive years. Due to innovative formulation consecutive usage of Intertim innovative molecule has no harmful effect on soil and plants.

Why only 20l of NitroN® per Ha?

20l of NitroN® replaces 150 kg of KAN, which is about 40 kg of pure nitrogen. Due to its "sticking" effect and resistance to run-off, NitroN® is the best nitrogen in the market. Usability of Nitrogen is maximized.

Can we mix liquid fertilizers with plant protection products?

All Intertim innovative liquid fertilizers can be mixed with all tested plant protection products, with the exception of the ones produced on the oil base.

How can we apply microgranules with cereals?

Intertim innovative ™ microgranules are applied as follows:

  1. Cereal sowing machines with fertilizer compartment - Put Intertim innovative microgranules into the fertilizer compartment.

  2. Classical sowing machines - Divide the amount of seeds per hectare into 4 parts, also divide 40kg of Intertim innovative microgranules into 4 parts and put them into the sowing machine in layers - layer of seeds, then layer of Intertim innovative microgranules etc. The sowing rate on the sowing machine should be increased by 40 kg/ha. Also after filling the sowing machine it is necessary to drive it for approx. 30 seconds before it goes into operation to evenly mix Intertim innovative  microgranules and seeds.
What are the cost savings when applying our fertilizers?

Savings in transport, handling and in fertilization that is simultaneously performed with sowing.

What is an "starter effect"?

The starter effect is the ability of Intertim innovative fertilizers to quickly and efficiently develop the root system of the plant at its early stage and to make the plant stronger and more resistant regardless of weather conditions.

What are agricultural adjuvants?

The term adjuvant refers to any compound that improves the performance of crop protection agents besides the active ingredient.

An adjuvant is a substance other than water which is not in itself a pesticide but which enhances or is intended to enhance the effectiveness of the pesticide with which it is used.

Why are agricultural adjuvants gaining popularity?

Agricultural adjuvants are gaining popularity due to rise in demand for agrochemicals and the adoption of precision farming & protected agriculture practices and to drive overall farming efficiency.

What are the benefits of using agricultural adjuvants?

Agricultural adjuvants are high-tech blended products, specially developed specifically for targeted product types and conditions of use. Their right choice allow to improved efficacy of pesticides and their precise and efficient application.

Agricultural adjuvants have the ability to maximise crop yields, significantly increase application productivity and reduce risks in adverse conditions.

How is Phosphorus in Intertim innovative fertilizers permanently available to plants?

Intertim innovative fertilizer, unlike conventional fertilizers, supplies the plant with the necessary phosphorus for root development, regardless whether the soil temperatures are below 15ºC. In conventional fertilizers, Phosphorus at the soil temperature below 15ºC becomes unavailable to plants. Phosphorus is protected inside the Intertim innovative chelate molecule. You can see the whole cycle on the chart.

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