Simultaneously with sowing through fertilizer depositors or seed tank

Intertim Vivo™ G10

40 kg/ha

  • better root development
  • enables overcoming of atmospheric adversities
  • increase of dry matter at the end of harvest


Along with the first application of PPP

Intertim Rooter™ L7

5 kg/ha

  • improves the effect of phosphorus
  • stimulates root activity
  • improves the recovery from stress arising from the use of PPP


Along with the second application of PPP

Intertim RapidStart™ L2F
Intertim Borosol™ L9

5 kg/ha
2 kg/ha

  • the plant remains green throughout the development cycle
  • controlled nitrogen supply in the plant
  • improves foliar translocation
  • increases oiliness

* Intertim Vivo™ G10 excludes fertilization with classical NPK fertilizers.

** The classical pre-sowing nourishment is applied as usual


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