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Intertim Rooter™ L7 is a nitrogen-phosphate fertilizer set to improve the efficacy of phosphatic fertilization.

Intertim Rooter™ L7 acts by stimulating root activity, whilst at the same time promoting gradual and prolonged Phosphorus release, making the correct amount of Phosphorus available to plants right from the early phenological phases. This is vital for the formation of a strong root system, abundant flowering and a uniform setting.

Intertim Rooter™ L7:

  • starter effect
  • stimulates root development
  • releases Phosphorous immobilized by colloids
  • favours the useful “microorganisms”
  • enhances root activity
Total Nitrogen (N) 8%
of which organic Nitrogen (N) 0,3%
of which ammoniacal Nitrogen (N) 7,7%
Total Phosphoric anhydride (P2O5) 22%
Organic Carbon (C) of biological origin 3%
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Ul. Dalibora Francistija 27
RS-21132, Petrovaradin

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