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Intertim CopperFeld™ L4F is a Nitrogen fertilizer containing Copper in a form which is highly assimilable by plants within a greatly reduced timeframe.

In comparison with other formulations, this enables a more rapid solution to Copper deficiency, a vital oligoelement for plant development.

The Copper ion totally protected by GlucoHumates™ and the additional presence of the ammonium ion, enables the Copper ion to be absorbed more rapidly and completely, in addition to making the Copper more stable, at both high and low temperatures inducing a powerful stimulatory effect on the permeability of the leaf cuticle.

Presence of ammoniac Nitrogen combined with GlucoHumates™ enhances the absorption of epidermis, translocation and protein metabolism. Due to this Intertim CopperFeld™ L4F is the most innovative solution to all types of Copper deficiency.

Intertim CopperFeld™ L4F:

  • enhances photosyntetic activity
  • favours protein development and synthesis
  • eliminates Copper microdeficiences
  • favors Nitrogen absorption
  • stimulate plant defences against fungi and bacteria
Ammoniacal Nitrogen (N) 15,5%
Copper water soluble (Cu) 1%


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Available packages
Intertim CopperFeld™ L4F

1 L

Intertim CopperFeld™ L4F

5 L

Intertim CopperFeld™ L4F

10 L

Intertim CopperFeld™ L4F

20 L

Intertim CopperFeld™ L4F

1000 L


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