Have you started preparing for sowing or planting?

Intertim innovative fertilizers form Intertim Ltd, in microgranular formulation, are ideal for use with sowing or during transplantation. Intertim innovative fertilizers are a line of products that stimulate plant growth, enhancing root activity, while also giving preference to the chemical-physical and microbiological properties of the soil, increasing the absorption of nutrients.

Ability to stimulate root plant growth and to release elements held in the soil make Intertim innovative fertilizers ideal for overcoming stress and enabling starter effect.

Intertim microgranules

Their excellent ability to stimulate root plant growth and to release elements held in the soil makes them ideal for overcoming stress, enabling the start effect. They are used simultaneously with sowing or during transplantation.

Benefits of microgranules:

  • 8 – 10 times less quantity
  • much better root absorption
  • availability of micro and macro elements from the soil
  • savings in fuel, time, amortization…
  • slow release
  • remains with the plant much longer than the classic NPK fertilizers
  • stays with the plant regardless of weather conditions
  • the agronomic efficiency of the fertilizer is not determined by its amount but by the quantity of nutrients we can effectively deliver to the product

Intertim Vivo™ G10 – N.P.K 5-13-5, Zn + Mn, in vegetable cultures is used from 40 kg/ha to 80 kg/ha.

Intertim innovative fertilizers improve the growth of plants in the early stages of its development, acting to stimulate root activities and enable the gradual and prolonged release of its complex macroelements. Nitrogen losses are reduced to minimum, regardless of whether it is leeching or run-off, also with phosphorus and potassium losses, thereby achieving the maximum fertilizer efficacy and the possibility of multiple reduction in the standard dosage of this element applied to plants.

In addition, Intertim Vivo™ G10 fertilizer improves the development of beneficial microorganisms in the soil and releases part of phosphorus, potassium and microelements captured in the soil by colloids. By suppressing soil compacting and improving cationic alteration, it gives new energy to tired lands, improving the biodegradation of toxins that plants accumulate in the soil, thus increasing soil fertility.

Foliar application

Intertim foliar line is the most efficient solution for foliar nourishment. Very pure nutrients, combined with Intertim innovative molecule, which have a high percentage of low molecular weight fulvic acids, make these products an effective regulator of foliar nourishment and in a very short time solve problems related to ambient stress or problems caused by a lack of nutrients. In addition, Intertim innovative fertilizers, thanks to their catalytic elements, stimulate the basic metabolic processes of the plant and improve the yield.

The particularity of this foliar fertilizer is that its application is carried out together with the protection (plant protection products), thereby reducing the stress of the plant.

Benefits of foliar fertilizers

  • in liquid state – no need for additional mixing and dispersion
  • application in the sprayer together with the plant protection products
  • savings on transport and manipulation
  • low molecular weight
  • effectively supply the plant with the necessary elements
  • increases the specific weight of fruits, energy and protein content

Intertim RapidStart™ L2F (N 19%)

  • improves the absorption of nitrogen
  • improves the homogeneity and size of the fruit
  • stimulates the synthesis of chlorophylls
  • protects against physiological stress
  • suitable for vegeto-productive balance

Intertim Rooter™ L7 (N.P. 8.22)

  • starter effect
  • stimulates the development of roots
  • releases phosphorus immobilized by the colloid
  • favors the use of useful microorganisms
  • enhances root activity

Intertim Borosol™ L9 (B 5%)

  • stimulates root activity
  • improves leaf translocation
  • improves the development of useful microorganisms in the soil
  • favors the transport of sugar
  • improves growth and fertility of pollen
  • prevents physiopathy due to lack of boron