This year’s unfavorable weather conditions have given a great deal of worries to our farmers, especially when it comes to fertilization. Intertim Ltd offers its faithful customers an ideal solution in the form of microgranules wihich are applied with sowing, saving both time and money.

Intertim Vivo™ G10 fertilizer from Intertim microgranular  line of revolutionary products that surpass the capacities of other fertilizers and provide unparalleled results in today’s market.

Why to use Intertim microgranules?

Intertim fertilizers in the microgranulated formulation are ideal for application simultaneously with sowing. Their excellent ability to stimulate root plant development and to release elements held in the soil makes them ideal for overcoming stress by enabling a starter effect.

  • improves the development of useful microorganisms in the soil
  • reduces soil compaction
  • increases water retention in soil and cation exchange capacity
  • releases fragments of phosphorus, potassium and microelements (such as Zn, Fe, Mn, Cu), captured by colloids in the soil
  • enhances the root development and possibility to overcome stress resulting from transplantation
  • extremely low salinity, which enables localized fertilization with seeds

The specific composition of the Intertim Vivo™ G10 fertilizer saves your time and money!

Intertim Vivo™ G10 is a complex mineral-phosphorus-potassium fertilizer NPK 5-13-5 with manganese and zinc

Total nitrogen (N) – 5%

Phosphoric anhydride (P2O5) – water-soluble – 13%

Potassium oxide (K2O) – water-soluble – 5%

Moisture content – up to 2%

Intertim Vivo™ G10 stays long with the plant and it improves the growth by stimulating root activity and allowing gradual and extended release of its complex macroelements.

Nitrogen losses are reduced to minimum, regardless due to run-off or ammonia leeching, similar with phosphorus and potassium losses, thereby achieving maximum fertilizer performance and the possibility of a significant reduction in the standard dosage of this element applied to the crop. The specific composition and the optimum presence of macro elements stimulate germination, root growth and helps to overcome stress during transplantation.

Simple use of Intertim Vivo™ G10 fertilizer!

The utumn season almost starts and Intertim Vivo™ G10 is ready for use. For sowing wheat and barley use 40 kg/ha of Intertim Vivo™ G10. For higher yields, simpler use, time saving, depreciation and fuel savings, contact professional staff at Intertim Ltd and ask for your sample!