After a period of heavy rain and floods, many plantations and agricultural land are facing a problem of lack of nitrogen in the soil. When asked what to do in this situation, we get a response from Intertim Ltd which develops new products that meet today’s and future requirements for quality of food products and environmental protection.

Their innovative agricultural product, Intertim RapidStart™ L2F, is a fertilizer from the Intertim innovative fertilizers foliar line. It is an foliar fertilizer in a solution containing a total of 19% nitrogen (N) (0.3% organic nitrogen (N) and 18.7% urea nitrogen (N) and 3.5% organic carbon (C) biological origin.

Intertim RapidStart™ L2F stimulates better nutrient absorption by the plant by increasing the efficiency of nitrogen fertilization. Its useful effects are instantly visible on the plant. Nitrogen losses are therefore minimized, either due to the development of ammonia or leeching, providing the possibility of a significant reduction in the standard amount of nitrogen applied to the crop.

  • improves the absorption of nitrogen
  • improves the homogeneity and size of the fruit
  • stimulates the synthesis of chlorophylls
  • protects against physiological stress
  • suitable for vegeto-productive balance

The great advantage of this liquid fertilizer is that it can be mixed with plant protection products immediately in the sprayer, which ensures one less passage during application. The product’s usability is over 95%, and its molecules reach deep into the pores of plants and evaporate after 48 hours, which ensures the absence of counter-effect during the upcoming drying periods.