Have you started preparing for sowing or planting? Intertim innovative fertilizers form Intertim Ltd, in microgranular formulation, are ideal for use with sowing or during transplantation. Intertim innovative fertilizers are a line of products that stimulate plant growth, enhancing root activity, while also giving preference to the chemical-physical and microbiological properties of the soil, increasing the absorption of nutrients. Read more
After a period of heavy rain and floods, many plantations and agricultural land are facing a problem of lack of nitrogen in the soil. When asked what to do in this situation, we get a response from Intertim Ltd which develops new products that meet today’s and future requirements for quality of food products and environmental protection. Read more

This year’s unfavorable weather conditions have given a great deal of worries to our farmers, especially when it comes to fertilization. Intertim Ltd offers its faithful customers an ideal solution in the form of microgranules wihich are applied with sowing, saving both time and money. Read more


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