Characteristics of all Intertim fertilizers

Changes the root structure

Intertim molecule significantly improve development of the root system which enables better absorption.

Rationalisation of nutritive elements

The plant gets the exact amount of nutritive elements that it needs.

ECO friendly

All our fertilizers are ECO friendly. We care about our environment and our future.

Innovative technology

Intertim innovative fertilizers replace standard methods of fertilisation.

Our philosophy

"The agronomic efficiency of a fertilizer is determined not by its content, but by the quantity of nourishment it can deliver effectively to the crop."

Why choose

Intertim innovative molecule is the result of 10 years of experimentations and trials performed in the open field and in laboratories. These years of experience have carried out a range of revolutionary products, exceeding the capacities of the other fertilizers and offering unparalleled results to today’s market. In short, Intertim innovative fertilizers are set to raise the international standards of excellence within the agricultural sector.


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