KryptoN - Visoka efikasnost
High efficiency

The high bio-availability of the nutrients results in typically 85-95% utilisation of applied nutrients. Post emergence foliar application enables inputs to be tailored to crop and seasonal requirements providing increased flexibility of nutritional programmes.

KryptoN - Karakteristike

 The specialised formulation results in a low risk of salting out of nutrients on the plant surface and minimal risk of volatilisation, ensuring efficient use of applied nutrients.

KryptoN - Kontrolirano otpuštanje
Controlled release

The specialised polymers of variable length degrade and release their nitrogen over a period of 6-8 weeks inside the plant providing a sustained period of fertilisation.

KryptoN - sustav BIO ovlaživanja
Bio wetting system

KryptoN contain our Bionutrition wetting system. Not only does this system improve wetting and spreading and sticking of the fertiliser, the surfactant components are absorbed by the plant, metabolised, and used for growth.

KryptoN - Izuzetna sigurnost usjeva
Excellent crop safety

The low salt content and very low biuret content ensures excellent crop safety, even
at high temperatures. This enables applications to occur throughout the crop growth cycle.

KryptoN - Kompatibilnost

KryptoN formulations have excellent compatibility and can be tank mixed with fungicides, herbicides or insecticides making them easy to use and apply.

KryptoN - Ne ispire se

The specialised polymers in KryptoN coat the foliage and then lock into place. The fertiliser remains in place feeding the plant over a 6-8 week period – whatever the weather! These adhesive properties can also be used to stick tank mix partners to the plant as well.

KryptoN - Manje količine
Fewer quantities

20 kg
27 kg
30 kg
35 kg
40 kg


150 kg
200 kg
225 kg
260 kg
300 kg

Foliar Nitrogen Comparison




Available in the following packages

Intertim KryptoN

1000 L

Intertim KryptoN

20 L


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