Shortly about Agricultural adjuvants

Agricultural adjuvants improve the performance of plant protection products.

Pesticide efficacy can be reduced by water quality, spray application technique and inadequate coverage, retention and uptake on the target surface.

Each product has completed a comprehensive Research & Development screening programme that includes:

  • Laboratory studies
  • Physical–chemical and environmental studies
  • Comprehensive pan European replicated trials programme under a range of climatic conditions, crops and targets using leading Institutes and trials organisations
  • Our unique practical spray application trials
What is an adjuvant?

An adjuvant is a substance other than water which is not in itself a pesticide but which enhances or is intended to enhance the effectiveness of the pesticide with which it is used.

Why are agricultural adjuvants so popular?

Agricultural adjuvants are gaining popularity due to rise in demand for agrochemicals and the adoption of precision farming & protected agriculture practices and to drive overall farming efficiency.

What do agricultural adjuvants enable?

Agricultural adjuvants are high-tech blended products, specially developed specifically for targeted product types and conditions of use. Their right choice allow to improved efficacy of pesticides and their precise and efficient application.

Agricultural adjuvants have the ability to maximise crop yields, significantly increase application productivity and reduce risks in adverse conditions.

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